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Evergreen Fiber Works

Trailbreaker Sock Sets-Click for More Colors

Trailbreaker Sock Sets-Click for More Colors

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*This is a different base than Cedar Sock! It is not as soft, although still very nice. 

Sometimes we just want to throw dye around and see what sticks, this yarn is where we do that with reckless abandon. Sometimes if we really love something you will see it evolve into a repeatable colorway, just as well loved footpaths in the woods become trails; hence the name "Trailbreaker" sock sets. This is where we break our trail and decide what defines Evergreen Fiber Works.

Trailbreaker Sock Sets are non-repeatable. We don't write down the dye recipe so if you see something you love, snag it!

75% Superwash Merino
25% Nylon
4-ply fingering weight
Full Skein: 437 yards
Mini Skein: 87 yards
Total Yardage: 524 yards
Trailbreaker Sock Set yarn is sturdy and strong for long-wearing socks or other projects. It IS a different base than Cedar Sock, so although it is the same fiber blend it does feel different.
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