About Us

Our Home

We were both born and raised in Wisconsin's Fond du Lac area. Pamela grew up on a grain farm amidst corn stalks and the rolling hills of the Niagara Escarpment, and Valerie grew up in the city of Fond du Lac. We love Wisconsin and all it has to offer in both its natural beauty and its cultural offerings. We are continually artistically inspired by the woods, forests, rolling hills, and waterways surrounding us. 

Interests & Hobbies:

Let’s start with things we both love! We both love nature and hiking and traveling to do those things. Pamela steps it up a notch by going backpacking, while Valerie is more likely to enjoy the wilderness by day and the comforts of a hotel or home by night. We both love knitting, and Valerie also crochets. Obviously, we both love yarn and creating new colors while dyeing yarn. We each also have children. Pamela has three, two boys and a girl, and Valerie has two boys. We are proud to be mamas!

Pamela enjoys having a garden and canning, baking, running, and walking. She currently works in a local orthodontics office. 

Pamela & Family:


Valerie enjoys cross-stitching snarky things and curse words, boating, board games, jigsaw, and crossword puzzles, tending to her flower gardens/house plants, and reading with her book club. She also recently took up spinning. By day she works for the family business, which is a boat repair shop. She does books, customer service, workflow management and occasionally wields a wrench in the shop. 

Valerie & Family:

Evergreen is Born

Many moons ago we both became enamored with indie-dyed yarn, and have spent (and continue to spend) our fair share of fun money supporting small fiber artists. One time when we got together (there may have been wine involved…) we decided it would be fun to try our hand at some acid dyeing of our own. We had so much fun creating new colors and learning how the process worked. It was just a hobby for a while but as our skill set grew over several years we decided there was room for us in the indie market. 


Our Yarns

We use yarns made from mostly natural fibers, and from cruelty-free sources. One day we would like to have yarn milled just for us from local producers right here in Wisconsin! We lean into superwash as it takes dye so well, and is easy to care for, but you will also find us exploring other blends from time to time. 

Our Process

We love it when we can team dye and work together! We have developed some of our most loved colorways by putting our heads together. We each think of things a little differently in terms of color, and when we combine our knowledge and experiences (and maybe a little wine!) the real magic happens! Unfortunately, schedules don’t always allow for this so we do quite a bit of independent dyeing as well, with Pamela doing the bulk of the production dyeing while Valerie does photography, shipping and labeling, and customer service. We both post to our social media accounts and try to connect with our customers regularly.