Our Story

Evergreen Fiber Works: Crafting Colorful Stories from the Heart of Wisconsin

Welcome to Evergreen where two sisters-in-law, Pamela and Valerie, weave together their passions for nature, creativity, and family into vibrant yarns that reflect the soul of their beloved Wisconsin home.

Our Home:

Rooted in the picturesque landscapes of Fond du Lac, Pamela's childhood amidst golden cornfields and the gentle embrace of the Niagara Escarpment, and Valerie's urban upbringing in the heart of Fond du Lac, form the foundation of their shared journey. Our mutual love for Wisconsin's beauty and culture sparks our creativity.

Interests & Hobbies:

Let’s begin with activities that both of us enjoy. We love navigating nature's trails, Pamela boldly backpacking into the wilderness while Valerie savors its beauty by day and the comforts of home by night. We share a passion for knitting and spinning, while Valerie adds crochet to her repertoire. Naturally, we adore yarn and revel in crafting new hues through dyeing it. In addition to our love for creating, we both cherish motherhood. Pamela is a proud mama of three—two boys and a girl—while Valerie delights in raising her two boys.

Pamela thrives on an active lifestyle, finding joy in walking, running, and cheering on her kids at sporting events. As a devoted dog mom to her beloved golden mountain dog, Callie, Pamela finds joy in their adventures together. During the day, Pamela brings her expertise in insurance and office management to a local orthodontics office, where her professionalism and experience shine.

Pamela & Family:

Valerie immerses herself in a diverse array of hobbies, from crafting witty cross-stitch designs to embarking on boating escapades and tackling challenging board games and puzzles. When she's not tending to her flourishing flower gardens and houseplants, Valerie delves into literature with her book club. During the day, Valerie showcases her talents at the family boat repair shop, adeptly managing workflows, providing stellar customer service, and occasionally getting her hands dirty with mechanical work.

Valerie & Family:

Evergreen Fiber Works is Born:

The origin of Evergreen sprouted from a shared fascination with indie-dyed yarn, cultivated over glasses of wine and laughter. What began as a hobby blossomed into a passion project, as their skills in acid dyeing evolved, paving the way for their venture into the indie market.

Our Process: 

At Evergreen, sustainability and craftsmanship converge. We carefully select yarns crafted from natural, cruelty-free fibers, with dreams of sourcing locally-milled yarns from Wisconsin's artisans. With a love for wool and a penchant for collaboration, Pamela and Valerie merge their distinct perspectives to create truly enchanting colorways. While Pamela oversees production, Valerie brings her keen eye for detail to photography, shipping, and customer service—all while nurturing their online community.

Join Pamela and Valerie on their colorful journey through Evergreen, where every skein tells a story of love, creativity, and the enduring spirit of Wisconsin.